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NCNW Annual Gala
An evening of entertainment, music & dancing, door prizes and much more. Enjoy the soulful sounds of Bak N Da Day. Event starts @ 6:00pm. After Five attire.
Fall for the Book Festival
Sponsored by George Mason University
A week of events in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland with special guests such as Juanita Patience Moss, Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith, E. Ethelbert Miller and more!






Community Conversation African and African American Resistance to Slavery

William Byrd Community House
10 AM - 12:30 PM presentation on two revolutionary African Americans, Gabriel and Lucy Goode Brooks.  Following the presentation, Dr. Michael Blakey will facilitate an open dialogue and discussion






Sankofa Project

Sankofa ProjectSankofa (San-koh-Fa) is an Akan word that means to go back and take everything that was lost stolen or forgotten and preserve it for future generations; learn your lessons from the past to better yourself and let everything else go. In keeping with the spirit of Sankofa, CAAGRI launched the Sankofa Project to literally go back and take everything that was lost, stolen or forgotten from our collective memories. The barbarism associated with capturing people and condemning them as well as their progeny to a lifetime of unpaid servitude is far more than just ordinary evil—it is satanic. Even though the chains have come off and the laws condoning such uncivilized behavior have changed, the legacy of slavery remains but perhaps not in the manner that comes most naturally to our minds when we think of it. No, the legacy of slavery that lives on silently is the destruction it caused to the African family, customs and traditions. Notwithstanding everyday biases whether real or perceived, the human family in all societies carries a certain measure of balance that cannot ever be replaced with money, technology, education or station in life. For as long as African descended Americans do not have the answers to where and who, the legacy of slavery still lives as a silent cancer in our society. Our intention is to change that: one family at a time.

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